Thursday, October 29, 2009

Has anybody seen my tambourine?

In the spirit of the season do yourself a favor and watch this

And possibly even more awesome:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So I've been thinking to do this for some time, and things are happening in my life right now that make it seem somehow appropriate. Everything is in flux, so why not add one more jellybean to the bag?

I'm not really sure what this blog is going to be about. I admire fashion and music, but there are a lot of those out there that are probably doing a much better job than I can be bothered to do. I'm very interested in performance of all kinds, I dare to call myself an actress, but performance clearly isn't limited to stage and screen. I'm interested in social performances and political and economic ones (ooooh), so let's stick with this as a general theme for now and see how things go? Basically, this is mine, so, yippee! -- Oh and that kind of brings me to my title. My friend Summer who is adorable and whom I miss a lot (opposite coast at the mo) used to say 'Why not?' to just about any question I asked her, and I think that's a pretty good attitude to have in life.
To get back on track, why I am here. Performance. I saw this show the other night at a local space that used to be called the Space but is now Buoy. There were two bands, both of whom had awesome names: Ryan Power and Little Women. Ryan Power was really nice, quite Radioheadesque yet original and sincere. But Little Women really blew me away, sonically and emotionally. My group were chatting at our seats, drinking our PBRs, when the lights dimmed to blue and the band waited for the audience to fall completely silent. In order that they could ASSAULT us with rhythmic blares from two saxophones. I won't talk you through the whole experience because, well, it was an experience and my being like 'and it was like THIS!' would get old pretty quickly. But basically there were four or six movements, the first of which was characterized by an extreme amount of contending male energy. They guys were physically rocking and reeling with their instruments, challenging each other and challenging us. The third or fourth movement drifted into a sonorous melody, showing us their versatility, I suppose. It was really a lullaby and I enjoyed it. And then the fifth or six or seventh? section was probably most characterized by my giggling. They weren't being 'funny' so to speak, not outrightly -- but they were! They were serious and rocking again and so utterly committed that I couldn't help but giggle -- they elicited a visceral reaction from me, and i give them props for that. Plus, to their massive credit, they're called Little Women. To be honest it's pretty difficult for me to get behind experimental noise, but the four guys of Little Women created a thick atmosphere, engaged everyone in the room as best they could, and had conviction in what they were doing. I can get behind all of that.