Monday, March 1, 2010

DP + the LA Phil

Last night I saw my good friend Nat perform with his band the Dirty Projectors at the Disney Concert Hall. The show was pretty close to sublime, pretty close. First the LA Philharmonic performed pieces selected by the DPs frontman, Dave. Dave's selections were perfect: Ligeti, Wagner, Ravel. I especially loved Ligeti's Arc en Ciel and the Ravel Mother Goose piece. For me these pieces together encapsulated the Dirty Projectors' origins. During Arc en Ciel, I have to admit, I became overwhelmed by the reflection of the pianist's hands against the woodgrain of the second balcony. They looked like water, frantically tumbling and flowing. During Mother Goose, I became obsessed (in a good way!) by the fractional differences in the violinists' entrances. The orchestra so finely captured the safety and comfort of that piece. The woodwinds, the quality of all the strings being plucked! Mystery and excitement.

Then there was the main event. I'm a bad person: NB and I go back to high school, but prior to this night I'd never even listened to the Dirty Projectors. I got pretty much what I expected, tho - in a good way! It was a whole experience, overwhelming and raw. The female vocalists get enormous credit from me - they aligned eerie and sweet with perfection (and their costumes/outfits definitely helped - each girl in one of the primary colors, riding hood and doo-wop dress; and Dave in his parka to boot). The encore, with Dylan's I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine, was the perfect finishing touch

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