Wednesday, November 4, 2009

S/S10 part 2

So as far as the more dramatic collections from S/S10 these were my favs. You may notice that Chanel is not among them. Ok. I have no problem with Chanel. I enjoyed the sense of play KL conveyed, but of the collections that went out there boldly and surreal-ly, I found it particularly onanistic and therefore kinda creepy. Thus in no particular order:

Firstly, I got a real kick out of Jean Paul Gualtier. It was so unapologetically urban and raw, and somehow wearable? This collection was all about the styling, the pieces on their own (*perhaps* not the satin bustier overalls...) are all super class. Plus I am about the side braid ghetto hoops and garter belts

I know Tavi is the blogosphere's resident Rei Kawakubo stalker, but we can share can't we? Kawakubo has her finger on a particularly honest, serious, playful pulse. I LOVED this CdG collection -- the proportions of the silhouettes (up to the candyfloss hair) are *perfect* I hate polkadots and now I MUST HAVE polkadots, not to mention figure out some way to fashion attachable leather shoulder pads

John Galliano made huge moves. As far as I'm concerned, he took Dior's Hollywood lady and introduced her to opium and dostoyevsky. The collection is at once a complete throwback and still totally futuristic and doomy (without going down the Rick Owens route -- which there is nothing wrong with, but it's his)

I adored Louis Vuitton. First thing that needs to be said is I want a foxtail. What I loved most about this collection (as has been the trend of this post) is its fulfillment of perspective. MJ decided on a view and went for it. I really feel the whole futuristic traveler thing from this. Not that I'm about to go get a fro/perm, but his fusion of contrasting elements allowed that traveler to live

And at last we come to THE COLLECTION of this season, namely Alexander McQueen CBE. I can't say a lot about this collection that hasn't already been said, including the fact that along the lines of my professed purpose for this blog, this collection was way far and away (in my opinion) the most 'performative' -- the cameras and online transmission, the story evolution represented in lights and video. The world is kinda lucky

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