Monday, November 2, 2009


Ok, so I know I'm a few weeks (month?) late on this, but I actually found a lot to be excited about from next season's collections. I haven't checked out ev er y thing but here's some of what I liked -- we'll do this one in two takes: first, what I found to be 'practical' and wearable and second the more conceptual and inspiring collections.

Marni rocked my socks-and-sandals. The sophisticated pirate look, the colors and the contrasts and patterns and (mostly) flat texture combined to make this one of my favorite spring/summer collections

On kind of another end of the spectrum, I really dug the hoods and unabashed toughness of Balenciaga. I can picture myself wearing these outfits (allbeit not in head to toe leather) I really liked the trousers and the colors and graphic dresses, total urban warrior

I for one am not over Balmain's 'end of the world cavegirl' thing. The leather, the loincloths, the rips, the sparkle. I would be smitten if this is how the end of days looked

Derek Lam and Rochas both gave us some shim to smile about. Both of these collections had pieces mad me think sexy tomboy at the beach in 1920... or something. The colours, the proportions, I could actually picture myself rocking some of these (with matching sox and all!)

DRIES VAN NOTEN CHANGED MY LIFE This may have been one of my favorite collections of the year. I'm going to add all small pics because there are so so many elements that I loved and need to share. First of all, the colour palette is just perfect (must locate purple silk pants and winter green cashmere trench); the silhouettes speak old-school hollywood class, which, you must understand, I am alllll about; and the graphics were just...

Stella McCartney's contrasting elements (lace with angles, shiny amazing blue (or pink!) with reliable khaki, long jackets with short shorts) were all AOK bye me! her clothes are all so welcoming

Celine threw some really cool shapes which I liked. While I'm not dying about the industry's current leather obsession, I do think Celine's use of that element was really interesting and, of course, sophisticated

AND THEN THERE WAS DIOR If DVN defined 21st century retro hollywood class, this is what that girl would wear out (or in!). While it is certainly conceptual, to an end, I would seriously wear some of these pieces (if I became a bajillionaire)

I liked Miumiu A LOT it was fun and serious and feminine and somehow very very honest (notice the backs of those dresses -- prim and seductive)

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